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donate a kidney, a dollar, or a prayer for hope & healing


Mitchell Lyne is a fighter. He has wrestled with renal failure since the age of 8. He has undergone a total of 3 kidney transplant surgeries and due to medical complications, they did not last. He is now surviving on hemodialysis as of April, 2013.

This blog is a place to champion for Mitchell. We’ll share stories about his life, his fight, his progress, and hopefully, his new shot at life. Please follow along & share his story.

People ask my Mom and I what they can do to help and we say just…keep praying.”

To read how this web site came to be, click here to read the first post on Mitchell Lyne.

7 responses to “About

  1. deanna says:

    What a handsome couple… Love it!

  2. Linda & Richard Burroughs says:

    I love you guys so much. Mitchell you are such a special person and I pray for you and your family each night.

  3. savemitchell says:

    Hi Angie, if you’d like to be tested as a potential donor, please click on the “donate by testing” link on the top right of page. You’ll find the donor coordinator contact information there. Thank you!!!!

  4. Chuck says:

    I have contacted mrs bell about kidney donation and she will probably contact me this week, will be in much prayer about it.

  5. savemitchell says:

    Thank you so much Chuck!! Look forward to hearing from you again, once you know more.

  6. mirna lopci says:

    oh mitchel. i hope all is well with you and i hope you get your transplant very soon!!!!!!! i will pray for you.

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