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Prayer request

on February 17, 2012

My heart breaks this morning as Mitchell heads BACK to MCV.

He’s going to the ER to have a few things assessed; he’s in a lot of pain.  Mitchell has many underlying conditions and one is osteoporosis.  This can cause joint and muscle pain, and makes him susceptible to other orthopedic injuries.

During his surgery on Monday, they had his body in many awkward positions in order to perform the procedure [a port was placed in his abdomen so he can begin dialysis].  Since his surgery, he’s had severe shoulder pain.  The doctors think that he may have sustained an injury from his surgery.

To help with some of the his post-operative pain, Mitchell used a heating pad on his back.  Unfortunately, his skin is extremely sensitive, so the heating pad caused burns and blisters–maybe as severe as 2nd degree burns!  So this morning, Mitchell makes the painful trip to the VCU Health Center’s emergency room to endure more testing!

Please pray for my brother, and for our heart-broken mother who stays helplessly by his side!

In His name,


One response to “Prayer request

  1. brandy cox says:

    My prayers are with your family during this time. My family history is filled with diabetes and kidney problems. It is hard to watch someone you love have to go thru something you wish would just go away. I’m diabetic myself and 34 years old have been since I was 14 it’s so hard but with prayers amd God I am doing ok. Your brother has touched my heart and he will be in my prayers as well as your family. God I ask that you watch over Mitchell hold him on your arm’s and get thru his time of need and lord I ask you be with his family and give them the strength and support. In Jesus name AMEN. PLEASE TAKE CARE AND GOD BLESS

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